YHWH’s calendar vs the Gregorian Calendar

I post this as I see many talking about what day upon the Gregorian calendar New Moon day is. I see some being in disagreement and I feel this is more a misunderstanding of how the scriptural calendar works rather than one person having the right/wrong day.

We all know His appointed times are governed by the moon. We all know the Gregorian calendar. These two calendars do not line up!

Why? The Gregorian calendar has a man made date line which it uses for its “appointed times”. The scriptural calendar uses the Moon the appointed times.

When you look to see where the New Moon is sighted it is not going to be directly above the man made date line, hence the days of the month will never align.

Look at the attached image (happy to post the full resolution somewhere else if this one is not good enough). hows the Gregorian day overlaid with the new Moon, which starts the scriptural month.

In the image labelled 1 which is the time period of the 20th of March upon the gregorian calendar, In San Francisco, the New Moon is visible. But in Paris for example, it is not. So in the WLC app you see the day of the New moon as March 20 in Image 2.

In image 3, the next gregorian day the 21st, in Paris the New moon is now visible. In Image 4 you see that the WLC app shows New moon day upon the 21st for Paris.

Does this now make sense? When one uses the scriptural calendar, the days of the month will very rarely ever align with the pagan gregorian calendar.

YHWH Bless.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 4.22.04 pm


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