The scriptural Calendar according the the Roman Catholics

eLaine Vornholt and Laura Lee Vornholt-Jones recently sent out a forward which we found to be very interesting. Dating back to 01/05/2006 Roman date, they relate a conversation which Catholic author, radio host, and apologist Patrick Madrid had.

Speaking on EWTN, Global Catholic Radio Network, Madrid responded to someone who had called in, asking about the issue of changing the Sh’bayt (Sabbath) from “Saturday to Sunday.” Patrick responded with words similar to how we would have said it. The following is a word for word transcript of the most important parts of this conversation, as heard in the mp3 file attached to this email from eLaine and Laura Lee to us.

“What your brother-in-law may not understand is that the Catholic Church did not change that commandment. The Catholic Church observes the commandment to keep holy. . . the Sabbath, but it does so on the Lord’s Day, and the earliest Christians transferred their observance of that commandment from Saturday to Sunday.

Uh, the other thing that we should remember, too, is that our calendar that we follow, including Seventh-day Adventists, is not only a calendar that was devised by the Catholic Church, but also it is a calendar that’s based upon the solar year, not the lunar year. And the Jewish calendar that was observed in the time of Christ is, follows a lunar calendar, which is several days short of the solar calendar. So the great irony is that even the Seventh-day Adventists themselves are not worshiping on exactly the same Sabbath day as the Jews of the time of Christ, because it’s several days off now, uh, having, uh, switched to following the lunar calendar.”

Yes, the Catholic Church knows that the original Scriptural calendar is lunar, and that the weekly cycle was determined by the moon originally. This is why they changed tactics and changed the subject to “Saturday vs. Sunday” argument.


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