I received a message….


IN acts 12 peter was kept in prison by Herod with a plan of killing him, but some brethren in house were praying for him. God sent an angel and delivered Peter out of prison, and as they were still praying he knocked at their door.

I heard God say to me to tell you that, that very miracle you have been praying for, HE HAS AREADY RELEASED FOR YOU IT’S KNOCKING AT YOUR DOOR, JUST OPEN AND RECEIVE IT THIS MORNING. THUS SAYS THE LORD TO YOU.
THIS MONTH/YEAR ,YOU WILL RECEIVE AKNOCK OF YOUR MIRACLE YOUR EYES SHALL SEE WHAT YOU HAV BEEN PRYING FOR. and it wont take long it will be quickened because while they were still prying for him, Peter knocked.

Your prayers are not in vein. Some thing is happening in the Spiritual ream and be for ufinish, your fasting, this month, this year you shall hear a knock. I HEAR AKNOCK OF your husband, wedding, financial breakthru, new job, promotion, bussnes, visa, school fees, child, spiritaul awakening. OPEN THE DOOR AND RECEIVE IT THIS MORNING.


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