Points to Ponder regarding the Creator’s weekly Sabbath

– Thamsanxa Gospie

1. The Battle of Jericho was a seven consecutive day battle. Which day was the Sabbath?
2. Genesis 1:14 says that the luminaries in the heavens are for signs, seasons (Hebrew word mo’edim)
days and years.
3. Psalm 104:19 specifically says that the Moon is appointed for seasons (mo’edim again).
4. Leviticus 23:1-3 point blank says that the Sabbath is the first feast (mo’edim again).
5. Can you go outside and look at the sun and tell me what day of the week or month it is?
6. Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance says that the Hebrew word #4150, mo’edim, means set times,
times appointed, feasts, etc.
7. Scripture doesn’t say WHICH of the appointments are regulated by the moon, so one cannot arbitrarily
say that the Sabbath is not included in this list of appointed times.
8. Every weekly Sabbath that can be date identified in Scripture is always on the 8th, 15th, 22nd or 29th of
the lunar month (not the Gregorian months).
9. If satyrday is the Sabbath, and if the Sabbath is every 7th day in an unending succession of 7 day
cycles, I challenge you to find the evidence for this in Scripture and share it with the rest of us.
10. The historical record also proves that the weekly Sabbath was/is a lunar event, not once every seventh day.
11. Most feast keepers observe Pentecost in the Spring, yet the only wheat harvest in Scripture is in the summer.
12. There are only two kinds of days with the Gregorian calendar, work days and Sabbaths. There is a third category in Scripture:
New Moon day.
13. Some say that a repeating seven day calendar week goes all the way back to Creation. Can you prove it?
14. You can settle the entire issue if you can produce the evidence from Scripture that proves that satyrday is the seventh-day
Sabbath or that the Sabbath is every seventh day in an unbroken cycle


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