Psalm 81:3 The times of the moon

Blow the trumpet at the time of the New Moon, At the full moon, on our solemn feast day. I suggest you please , invite brotherיהונתן ישׂראל….. to join us here , we will learn so much from him…. a sample from him. viz:
IN-Day the ChoDeSh
April 20, 2013 at 8:34am
Gen 1:3-5 Defines Day and the Daily Cycle.. a Day Starts at Sunrise..
it is the Light of the Sun Shining upon the Surface of the Earth..

Gen 1:14 Shows that From Lights are to be For SIGNALS and for APPOINTMENTS and for DAYS and Years..

LEV 23:2-3 Tells us what Days He APPOINTED..

Exodus 20:8 Tells us that the 1st day Is NOT a WEEK Day and that it is the Day of the RETURN of the Signal..

Psalm 81:3 tells us Full Moon on 14th/15th..

Ezekiel 26:1 confirms the Fourth Commandment and Tells us that the Gate is Shut on the 6 Work Days and Opened on ShaBaT.. also Open BeIOM HaChoDeSh.. which means IN the Day that the First Visible Crescent is Apparent from Temple Mount Vicinity..

The question is asked.. How can we Know the Day that ChoDeSh will Occur?
we Know the Day Because we Remember/Mark Guard/Keep it ..

we have the capability to Know the ORDINANCE of the Moon.. it is by Observation and Calculation..

we can tell from the Condition of the OLD Moon on the morning of the 28th whether or not it is a 30 day cycle … This actually can be known from Last Quarter on.. by measuring distance between Sun and Moon..

ChoDeSh is the RENEWED SIGNAL.. New Moon.. that Indicates that the Next Day is Day-One of the WEEK.. not the 1st of the month.. This seems to cause people Confusion..

A Big Problem is the Tradition of the Pharisees which is the source of Judaism..
They Start the Day as it is Getting Dark and Start the month after First Visible Crescent is seen.. This Does not Fit the Scripture..
No Where in Scripture can this be Shown..

So people tend to try to Rely on the Book Called Enoch.. which States:
–> (Enoch 73:4) It the moon rises in this manner: Its head faces the easterly direction, coming out on the thirtieth day, on that day, that is, on the thirtieth day, it comes into existence, and it appears with the sun in the gate through which the sun exits; and you have the beginning of the month.

This Does Not Fit with TORaH or its Attestation.. But does fit Pharisaic Tradition.. this is no surprise, because.. The Book Called Enoch was Compiled from writings of the Pharisees in Babylon..

In what universe can “IN-Day the ChoDeSh” possibly be the NEXT Day?
or the Day Before for that Matter!

It is Inconsistent for ChoDeSh to be Seen at the End of the Cycle from Vicinity of Temple Mount (where our Calendric Daily Cycle Originates)

New Moon is at the Beginning of the Cycle..
NO-Moon at the End. and:
OLD-Moon Visible on the 28th.. tells Us When.. Every-Time..
We can Easily Know By Measuring Distance of Sun Centre to Moon Centre any time from Last Quarter..

There can Only be 29 or 30 Days in the ChoDeSh Cycle.

Simple Fact:
To Favour the Book of Enoch and Pharisaic Tradition over TORaH Instruction is to Reject TORaH.


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