Hebrew words

YHWH – The Fathers name.

Yahshua – The Sons name.

Mashiach – Messiah

Ben (say “Bane”) – Son

Adon – Master
Adoni – My Master

Elohim – Collective name for the Father the Son and the Ruach.

El (“Ale”) – The Father only

Ruach – The Spirit

Qodesh – Dedicated (“holy” is a Pagan word)

Barak – Bless
Baruk – Blessed
Berekah – Blessing
Briekoth – Blessings

Hai – Eternal Spiritual Life

Kohen – Priest
Kohenim – Priests
Kohen ha Gadol – High Priest

Malach – Angel or Messenger
Malachim – Angles / Messengers

Malchute – Kingdom or Reign

Shabbath – Sabbath

Shamayim – Heaven or Heavens

Talmidim – Disciplies

Yahudim – Jews


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