Problem with the Gregorian Calendar

Problem with the Gregorian calendar.

For those who are observing His appointed times (Apppointed means fixed) from month to month using the calendar presented to us in the Bible, you will quickly realise that the Sabbath is an appointed time. Fixed seven work days apart and separated by New moon days.

When one uses a continual calendar (be it Gregorian or just a continual 7 day week) you use the sun as the guide for your day, week, month and year. That is why it is called a solar year.

The Bible however used the Moon for the months and Years. Thirteen months in some years (e.g. Ezekiel chapter 1 through to the end of chapter can only be calculated by using the thirteenth month). The feasts are still calculated using the Moon.

The creator gives us one calendar to use, not two. and herein is the problem for those using a lunar and a solar calendar.

We know that he created the Moon for the appointed times. The Sabbath is the first appointed time.

To send this point home, one just needs to realise that the days as determined using the lunar calendar are not the same as the days when using the solar calendar. This can be seen when one compares when a biblical feast starts each year. Upon the Gregorian calendar it moves from year to year, whilst upon the Biblical calendar which uses the moon, the feast remains upon the same time each year.

So lets use the Feast of trumpets as an example. It is upon the first day of the seventh biblical moon (month). The month starts with the sighting of the New Moon. This DIFFERS depending upon where on earth you live and does NOT line up with the man made international date line. This very fact should be making you think.

If the cycles of the Moon do not line up with the international date line, and the Bible used the Moon to calculate the appointed times, then the appointed times will overlap the Gregorian calendar. That is they will cover two days.

How? If for example in Australia it is the 24th of September and the new moon is not sighted, but in America, and the new moon is sighted, then the New moon day will start one day ahead of what it starts in Australia.

In America New Moon day will start upon the 25th, and the New Moon will be seen in Australia upon the 25th, placing New Moon day upon the 26th.

The issue can bee seen first hand when one looks as what happened in Samoa to the SDA church when they moved the man made date line. The date went forward casing some to worship ion Sunday and others keep with the traditional Saturday, even though they are a day out of their 7 day cycle.

Its time to wake up people and realise that your calendar for calculating you appointed times is wrong.


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