Sikkuth and Kiyyun

So what are some examples of how people worship the host of heaven which we now know is the sun, moon and stars? Well let’s go back to the Apostle Stephanos in Acts 7: 42 – 43 when he was speaking to the council of the Sanhedrin and its high priest of that time.

42“So Elohim turned and gave them up to worship the host of the heaven, as it has been written in the book of the Prophets, ‘Did you bring slaughtered beasts and offerings unto Me during forty years in the wilderness, O house of Yahshra’al? 43‘And you took up the tent of Molek, and the star of your mighty one Kiyyun, images which you made to bow before them. Therefore I shall remove you beyond Babel.’
Who and what is the issue with Molek and Kiyyun? Well they are further referenced in other Scriptural passages.

Amos 5: 26 ISR
26 but you took up Sikkuth your sovereign and Kiyyun, your idols, your astral mighty ones, which you made for yourselves!

So very clearly Stephanos (Stephen) made the connection to the world religious leaders of Yahshra’al (Israel) in his day:

Kiyyun is planet Saturn, worshipped on Saturnsday

Kiyyun was considered and associated in being the g-d of Saturn, and or the g-d of Saturday.”


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