Daniel 11

28 Then he shall return H7725 to his land H776 with great H1419 possessions H7399 and his heart and soul H3824 shall be against the set apart and holy H6944 agreement between YHWH and man H1285 and he shall H6213  return H7725 to his own land H776.

29 At the appointed time H4150 he shall return H7725 and come in H935 towards the south H5045 but it shall not be as the former H7223  or the like the last time H314.

30 For the ships H6716 of the islanders of the Mediterranean Sea H3794 shall come H935  but be fearful H3512 and turn back H7725 and shall denounce H2194 the holy H6944 covenant between YHWH and man H1285 which is to be observed H6213 and shall turn away from God H7725 and shall teach H995 others to forsake H5800  the holy H6944 covenant between YHWH and man H1285.

31 And political and military forces H2220 shall stand H5975 to profane H2490 the holy place H4720 which is a refuge of YHWH H4581 shall be taken away H5493  and the continual (calendar of weeks) H8548 shall be set up H5414 as a detestable thing as an idol H8251 which will stun and stupefy and make desolate H8074.

32 And those who act wickedly H7561 against the covenant between YHWH and Man H1285 and profane, pollute and corrupt, H2160 by using flatteries H2514; But throughout the nations H5971  those who do know H3045 their Elohim H430 will prevail H2388 and observe H6213 Him.

33 And those who understand H7919 among the nations H5971 shall teach others H995 , many in number H7227 and they will stumble H3782 by the sword H2719 and by weapons H3852 by captivity H7628 and be held as a spoil H961 for a period of time H3117

34  Now when they stumble H3782 they will be helped H5826  with little H4592 assistance H5828 and many H7227 shall be joined  to them H3867 by slippery promises.

35 But those who act  wisely H7919 shall stumble H3782 and be tested to be refined H6884 to purify H1305 to make them ethically white H3835 until the time H6256 of the end H7093 at the appointed time H4150.

36 And the king H4428 shall do H6213 as he desires H7522 and shall rise up H7311 and magnify H1431 himself to be like YHWH H410 and he shall declare H1696  marvellous things H6381 against the YHWH H410 of gods H410 and he shall prosper H6743 until the indignation H2195 is ended H3615 which has been determined H2782 to be done  H6213.


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