Why wasn’t the Moon created first if it determines the months?

When building a car, does one say that because the indicators were put onto the car fourth, that the indicators are not functional? If we were to say that then this verse does not apply:

Psalms 104:19 says
He created the moon for appointed times. The sun knows its going down.

The answer is no, we don’t. Yahuwah built the world and then added man. The Moon indicates the months. 

We build a car and then add the owner. The indicators tell them which way they are turning. We do not say that because the indicators were not added until day four that they do not serve their function to indicate direction. 

The same holds true for why the moon was not in place on day one. Does it make sense to place indicators on a car that does not exist? There is no one there to drive it and use the indicators.

I wish people would listen to what they are saying when they talk about the moon and it not being created until the fourth day. It is truly without any thought.


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