The Shunammite’s Son

Been reading 11 Kings today. Came across another verse which interested me. It is talking about a Shunammite woman, who has assisted Elisha by providing him a place to sleep and food whenever he passes.

She bore a son, who was working with the reapers and later passed away. The woman then went to got and find Elisha. She gets a donkey to go and find him and her husband says the following:

11 Kings 4:23
So he said “Why are you going to him today? It is neither the New Moon nor the Sabbath.” And she said, “It is well”.

This verse also says that New Moon day and the Sabbath days were two separate days. You see the Woman was looking for Elisha. Her husband knew Elisha could be found easily on the Sabbath and also on the New moon days. These days were never upon the same day of the week, for the month presented to us in the Bible is based upon the cycles of the Moon.

New Moon Day is day 1
Then the week starts with day 2 and completes with the Sabbath on day 8 (seven days later). This cycle goes through and repeats the Sabbaths on the 15th, 22nd, and 29th days of the month.

Exodus shows the Sabbaths on the exact same days three months in a row. Impossible on the current Gregorian Calendar.


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