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The Scripture specifically says :

“…YAHUAH HAS MADE ZION FORGET HER APPOINTED FESTIVALS AND HER SABBATHS; in His fierce anger He has spurned both king and priest.” (Lamentations 2:6b)

This is why the majority of Yisrael (and ALL of Judaism) is literally “lost in time”. Those who do not yet have the perception-revelation of luni-solar calendation by natural eye-observation…are still without memory and understanding of when the accurate-factual calendar dates of the shabbats and moedim (festivals) are.

MANY Yisraelite and Gentile historians confirm on the record this important fact that the sabbaths WERE changed from the natural cycles which were observed by sight, to those with fixed dates (that was written about in the Scriptures) which Saturn’s-Day keepers deny.

HOW can we trust any of man’s so-called “calendars” when the dates have repeatedly been changed around, and likewise, when Yahuah’s own Scriptures specifically say that He caused Zion to FORGET her (calendar and accurate dates of) festivals, shabbats, etc.,…and historians confirm the same thing???

Also,…the ancient Yisraelites (PRIOR to forgetting the truth) did NOT have a pre-written calendar, but followed His heavenly luminary-timekeepers to know when ALL dates accurately are. 

What is a tribe in desert or in a rainforest supposed to do, whenever taught the Torah commandments of observing His shabbats, festivals, etc.,….ask for a Judaism “calendar”,…..or look up at the sky to His heavenly clock-calendar??? I sincerely hope that you do not expect people to follow man-made tradition instead of our Creator Yahuah’s OWN calendar. If one does not know which day is #1, or when the shabbat is, etc.,….all one needs to do is LOOK UP into the heavens, just as our Creator intended. This information will become extremely valuable to many believers,….when society collapses in the future, and there is no technology nor pre-written “calendars” to rely upon. Selah. (muse and ponder)


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