A video on end times….

Not sure why I had not seen this video before. I think it might be to do with the word “Rapture” as many who believe in a Rapture believe people will be taken away before the tribulation begins. I personally do not. 

Anyway I took a look at the video and was quite surprised at how things it speaks of line up exactly with scripture.  The Rapture they speak of is not until after the tribulation, which is fine with me as it lines up with scripture. There are just so many variants you need to be careful that what you see lines up with what the Bible teaches.

Each time I watch it I can see so much truth in it. It talks about the churches, and the leaders who have led people wrongly. And how people come out of the Churches. I believe we are nearing this time. Unknowingly the author is speaking about the Gregorian Calendar.


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