Is Saturday in the Bible?

This is not intended to provoke. It is simply intended to question the day on which we worship the Lord. I love you all and truly want the best for everyone. I would also encourage all not to take my word for it but to study the topic themselves. I am happy to provide material to anyone who wants to study it further if you message me.

I wanted to write a little about worshipping on Saturns day (Saturday) and why I believe it is going to be a big problem for those who continue it as time moves on.

Many people often argue that because the Jews keep Saturday as the Sabbath, then it must therefore be true that it is the true seventh day as presented in the Bible. However, this is not a proof that Saturday is the Sabbath.

It is interesting to note that Saturns day (the worship of Saturn) is in fact mentioned in the Bible. It is not painted in a very pleasant light however.

In Exodus 32 we find the people who left Egypt with Moses. Here we discover that they are worshipping an idol which they have built of Gold. When we go to Amos 5:25-26 we find the following:

25 Have ye offered unto me sacrifices and offerings in the wilderness forty years, O house of Israel?
26 But ye have borne the tabernacle of your Moloch and Chiun your images, the star of your god, which ye made to yourselves.

So when one goes and takes a look at who these Gods were we find the following:

(source wikipedia)
* Moloch: As a god worshipped by the Phoenicians and Canaanites, Moloch had associations with a particular kind of propitiatory child sacrifice by parents.

* Chiun: The passage in Amos refers to the Saturn worship which appears to have been in vogue in the prophet’s days.

Were the Israelites perfect always? No. Acts 7:43 tells us this:

43 Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Remphan, figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon.

Who is Remphan?

* Remphan: the Hebrews Chiun (q.v.) is rendered by the LXX. “Rephan,” and this name is adopted by Luke in his narrative of the Acts. These names represent the star-god Saturn or Moloch

So I hope this has opened everyones eyes a little more. Below is something else I found when I did a strongs concordance check on the works in Daniel 8. I have left the strongs words in place so you are able to verify what I have translated from the original text.

The reason I have added it is it also mentions that there was a Calendar change and this change is from a calendar which uses the Sun Moon and stars to a calendar which uses a continual cycle of weeks.

12 And the Sun Moon and the stars H6635 were delivered up and given H5414 to the continuously without interruption H8548 as a transgression against God H6588 which cast away H7993 the truth H571 to the ground H776 which bought about H6213 prosperity and success (for the little horn).

13 Then I heard H8085 a certain H259 Holy One H6918 speaking H1696 to another H259 Holy One H6918 who said H559 to that certain one H6422 which spoke H1696 “(Until when) the vision H2377 of the continuously (without interruption) H8548 transgression H6588 which stuns, stupefies and makes desolate H8074 will be permitted H5414 to be set apart from God H6944 such that the Sun, moon and stars H6635 are trodden upon? H4823

14 And he said H559 unto two thousand H505 and three H7969 hundred H7969 evenings H6153 and mornings H1242; then the separation of God H6944 will be justified and made righteous. H6663



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