The Gregorian Calendar is not Gods true Calendar.


The following has arisen out of using the Blue Letter Bible web site which has allowed me to look up the actual meanings of the original text in the verses below. The implications of the translation is of importance as it appears that some words have not been translated correctly.

Each word is linked to the the Blue Letter Bible web site’s Strongs concordance so you are able to verify the accuracy of what I have presented below. The Strongs Concordance is a tool which allows us who speak English to look up the meaning of the original text which was written in Hebrew or Greek. The following highlights the way in which the Sabbath day used to be calculated and it shows that the little horn (Rome) has changed it.

So you are aware, no, I am not rewriting the Bible. I am simply looking the the words to see how they should be translated. To provide meaning I have shown the area in (brackets) as items I have appended (you are welcome to question these parts or even discard them – the Bible has many items such as this scattered throughout the text). Everything else is straight from the translation using the Strongs Concordance.

Daniel 8:9-14

9 And from one H259 of them came forth H3318 a little H4704 horn H7161 which became superior H3499 and very great H1431 toward the south H5045 and toward the sunrise H4217 and toward the glorious H6643 (land).

10 And it (the little horn) became great H1431 (against) the sun, moon and stars H6635 in the visible sky H8064 and causes them to waste away such that they become inferior H5307 , the sun, moon  H6635  and the sparkling stars H3556  to the surface of the earth H776 and trampled upon them (thus destroying the knowledge of their function).

11 And he made himself of great importance, magnifying himself H1431 as the Ruler of rulers H8269 of the continuously without interruption H8548 (cycle of weeks) and caused himself of be exalted and shown as powerful H7311 H7311 and God’s dwelling place the temple H4720 was cast down H7993.

12 And the Sun Moon and the stars H6635 were delivered up and given H5414 to the continuously without interruption H8548 as a transgression against God H6588 which cast away H7993 the truth H571 to the ground H776 which bought about H6213 prosperity and success (for the little horn).

13  Then I heard H8085 a certain H259 Holy One H6918 speaking  H1696 to another H259 Holy One H6918 who said H559 to that certain one H6422 which spoke H1696 “(Until when) the vision H2377 of the continuously (without interruption) H8548  transgression H6588 which stuns, stupefies and makes desolate H8074 will be permitted H5414 to be set apart from God H6944 such that the Sun, moon and stars H6635 are trodden upon?  H4823

14 And he said H559 unto two thousand H505 and three H7969 hundred H7969 evenings H6153 and mornings H1242;  then the separation of God H6944 will be justified and made righteous.  H6663

The interesting part for me in particular was the translation of the strongs word H6635 (tsä·vä’) – It can mean host, but this is in relation to an army which is not being spoken about here. What does fit exactly is the Sun, moon and stars.

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 1.45.15 pm
The meaning for you and I? We are currently using the wrong Calendar. We are using a continuously cycle week which does not use the Sun, the Moon or the stars to determine the months. The Biblical Calendar does not use a continuously cycling week. The present weekly cycle is “stunning and stupefying”all who fall under it.

The mark of the beast is not a physical mark. I believe it is worshipping on any day which is not Sunday. This includes those who worship on Saturday, Friday or the Calendar which the Bible uses.

A footnote:
The 2300 days (years as I always hear it) has nothing to do with years. It has to do with 2300 days which is up to and including the last day when Rome will be allowed to rule and is a part of the 2550 days at the end of time. Why? It says specifically in the verse “evenings H6153 and mornings H1242” and then says after this time ” the separation of God H6944 will be justified and made righteous H6663.” There is simply no way to translate morning and evenings into years.



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